A Chance Encounter


A Chance Encounter (for 4 artists, 8 speakers and 16 questions)
Opening: Sun, Feb 24, 17:00.
Tonspur_passage, Vienna
Hosted by: Q21

Yvette Janine Jackson (USA), Bojana S. Knežević (SRB), Katarina Petrović (SRB) and Karen Werner (USA) explore sounds, meanings and experiences of trust through an experimental creative approach. The idea of this piece is based on a mutual trust between the artists who are becoming collaborators by accident. An 8-channel composition is created from 4 separate pieces made individually and in dialogue, yet without prior hearing of each others' parts.

Created for the TONSPUR_pasaža at Maribor Town Hall, Slovenia as part of MFRU 2018 – International Festival of Computer Arts Maribor.