About Reality

Summer Salon I
Gallery Štab

26.06 - 12.07.2014


About reality represents the first exhibition in the series of Summer Salons at Štab Gallery in Belgrade. The concept of the Salon is to showcase young artists and their recent production with the intention of promoting the young contemporary art scene of Belgrade. The exhibition presents seventeen artists with similar sensibilities working in similar contexts. What ties these artists together is their cultural, social and educational positions and media (in)visibility. Most of them finished their studies at the University of the Arts in Belgrade over the last ten years. Marginalised by mainstream culture, these young artists remain committed to their work confident that their production serves the purpose of better understanding the micro and macro politics of today’s society. Their individual deliberations about reality and nature of the image as well as the nature of the artworks themselves are thus posed to be topics of social significance.

The notion of reality in different social and natural sciences takes diverse applications while remaining inseparable from the subject observing. Whether reality is viewed through the social systems and imperatives, natural phenomena, dreams, feelings, imagery or in the very self, it is united in the subject experiencing it. In art, reflections on reality presuppose a wider understanding of symbolic structures of the individual and of society in general, thereby leading the artist to also reflect on the medium he/she utilises. Investigations in the structure of the visual image, sound or other stimuli propells these artists to deconstruct their personal perspectives and internal/external experiences for the purpose of materialising their own reality. Surreal and subversive imagery are the tools they appropriate in order to explore the omnipresent tension between reality and illusion.

Artists: Milan Nenezić, Ranko Travanj, Nađa Jovanović, Darko Stojkov, Orjen Đurić, Jasna Damnjanović, Milan Antić, Lidija Delić, Marija Šević, Andrej Bunuševac, Tanja Juričan, Veljko Marković, Aleksandar Todorović, STJV [Igor Stangliczky & Marko Jevtić], SUPER WILAN [Milan Nenezić], ABDUCT [Rodrigo Guzman] i JAMES BLOND [Katarina Petrović]

Authors of the exhibition: Milan Nenezić i Katarina Petrović
Design: Katarina Petrović