ArtScience Forum is a series of open discussions on potentials and limitations of ArtScience practices today. Initiated by Luke Boorman and Katarina Petrović, current students of the ArtScience Interfaculty at The Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague. The forums are supported by ArtScience Interfaculty and are open to public.

The ArtScience Interfaculty was conceptualised through the desire to create a form of practice which combined aspects of methodology and knowledge from both artistic and scientific disciplines. Although a multidisciplinary and ‘multi-faculty’ program, ArtScience still rests solely within artistic (institutional) grounds.

We would like to initiate a critical debate on the position, study and practice of ArtScience and ArtScience dept. students, as we believe there to be a long standing problem of how such a discipline should relate, connect and collaborate with scientific and technical institutions or organisations. With the firmly embedded institutional structures of ArtScience and the hacking propensity of its students in mind, we want to initiate conversations where the knowledge and privileges of the two can come together. This will in turn open up a larger discussion around the socio-economic and political implications of art-science interactions; while still being focused on individual concerns, aspirations and limitations.

27-01-2016 | 15:30
ArtScience Master studios
KABK, The Hague

11-03-2016 | 16:30
PB105, KABK, The Hague