Heart of Darkness [On Cosmogony]

08-24 Dec 2018
U10 Art Space
Kralja Milana 10,

Opening: 8 Dec @ 19h

Accompanying texts:
Signal Noise by Eric Kluitenberg
Order out of Chaos by prof. Francis Heylighen

You are walking into a room of experiments, where each of the objects and installations will make you stop and wonder. Following the chronology of Katarina’s thought, the exhibition Heart of Darkness focuses on some of the unfathomable aspects of our reality - creation and motion, presence and absence. By creating empirical and scientific information, led by the intuitive insight, the artist imagines and direct us to the thought of the process itself, particularly in the context of creation of meaning and form.

Her research begins with an algorithmically generated book Lexicon Liber Novus, where a verse from a poem by Jorge Luis Borges serves as an input for an infinite series of word definitions. The book of 4000 pages, explains all words in the verse, all the words in those explanations, all the words in those explanations and so on - effectively creating a large database of words and their numbers. In the work Cosmologicus, Katarina uses this database and an antenna built at the European Space Agency, to translate radio emissions from the planet Jupiter into a semantic stream. A textual record of vibrations inaudible to the human ear, will be generated during the show where the collection of previously recorded 16.000 poems makes a volume of 32 books.

Looking into the notion of cosmogony and creation, Katarina’s latest work Origin, explores the properties of sound in a vacuum. In this work, the sound is produced and reproduced in an infinite stream of reflections between a speaker and a microphone embedded in a glass sphere (acoustic feedback loop). By periodically vacuuming the chamber, Katarina observes the behaviour of sound and frequencies, notating the findings. This work is currently in the phase of research.

Generating meaning and giving order to things lays at the heart of every creative process, artistic as well as scientific.Katarina’s wonderment and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary work, opens up new perspectives in understanding not only artistic and scientific concepts, but the philosophical ones. This exhibition is a Wunderkammer of experiments, a testament to the artistic perspective in creating a new mutual understanding of nature and our relation to it.

The works were realised in collaboration with: Jan Kees van Kampen, Mirko Lazović, Edo Paulus, Bernard Foing, European Space Agency, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media, Repro van de Kamp print house, Radio Jove project and Open Source Publishing, Vera van de Seyp and Michaël Roumen.

Generously supported by: U10 art space, Stroom Den Haag, Creative Industries Fund NL, The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Center for Promotion of Science, Belgrade.