Heart of Darkness [On Cosmogony], solo exhibition, U10 Art Space, Belgrade, 2018

/installation, custom-made software, Jupiter radio signal, digital projection, water

Cosmologicus is a custom made software and an installation that translates radio emissions from the planet Jupiter into a semantic stream. Using the word-number database generated in the work Lexicon Liber Novus, the invisible order of electron particles coming from the distant planet, is made intelligible through language. Or so it seems.

Jupiter generated poetry, devoid from grammar constraints and sculpted as a quatrain, gives way to an infinite interpretation of planet's emissions. The computer and the spectator become mediums of the largest planet of our Solar system, oracles of the mythological Jupiter, attempting to construct sense and meaning from the generated data.

It is interesting how mythological accounts of Jupiter coincide with our knowledge of natural radio. Having identified only two sources of natural radio emissions - those generated by lightning and those emitted by astronomical objects, the accounts we have of the Roman god Jupiter seem strikingly congruent. The astronomical object Jupiter is the only planet with non-thermal radio emissions in our Solar system; a planet similar to a pulsar, that is a star, which like the Sun emits on broad range of frequencies, some of which are observable from Earth. Further, Jupiter's symbolical representation coincidentally includes the lightning, which the god of sky holds in his hand.

The installation comprises of the software, a projected moving image of the generated poetry onto the black water cube and an original (audio) radio emissions recording that can be heard on the headphones. The audio recordings have been attained from NASA's education and outreach project Radio Jove and affiliated Heliotown Observatory in New Mexico.

Software made in collaboration with Mirko Lazović and Edo Paulus.