interactive bodysuit
stretch material, touch sensors, vibrators

in collaboration with Milan Nenezić

God gives you pleasure is an interactive body suit, made to be worn underneath clothes, on the naked body.
Primary designed for women, it is made of a stretch material with built-in touch sensors, placed on the points that are touched when one makes the sign of the cross. Sensors on both shoulders and lover abdomen are connected to four vibrators and a dildo. Sensor on the left shoulder activates vibrators on the left side, stomach and inner side of the left thigh; sensors on the right side are connected in the same manner. Touch sensor on the stomach, on the second point of the making the cross, is connected with dildo.
Religious and sexual gratification are united in order to communicate the spiritual through material and to bring forth the dissonance between women, body and religion as well.
Work was exhibited at the Touch me Festival / art in the intersection of science and technology in Zagreb, Croatia in 2008. /link