photo and video documentation

Fifty years ago Priština was a very different place. My grandparents and their two daughters, lived a peaceful life in then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. With jobs in national services and friendly neighbours of diverse cultural, religious and national background, their memories tell of the excellent 12 years of peace and acceptance. Today, there are very few or no Serbians living in the city of Priština. The biggest Serbian settlement in Kosovo is Gračanica, a town ten kilometers away, centred around Gračanica monastery.

Taking the photographs documenting everyday life of my family in Priština, I selected a few pictures of my grandmother and her daughters enjoying the spring afternoon on the rooftop of their building. With the information given by my grandmother, I located the building in the centre of the city and reenacted their past events.

The work was realised as part of the short residential stay at the Alternative Cultural Center and Center for Peace and Tolerance from Gračanica, Kosovo in October 2013.