On Cosmogony
Master thesis, ArtScience Interfaculty
Royal Conservatoire & Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague

On the topic of Cosmos
8th Triennial of Contemporary Art - U3, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Beyond the Globe
Commentary text to the curatorial framework by Boris Groys, written by Katarina Petrović and Bojana S. Knežević (Femkanje)

ArtScience Forum
#2 Dissolving Method
Accompanying text written by Katarina Petrović and Luke Boorman


The Practice of Art and Science
Ars Electronica, European Digital Art and Science Network
Editors: Gerfried Stocker, Andreas J. Hirsch
Hatje Cantz Verlag, Berlin, 2017
[Cosmologicus @ Earth without Humans II, Kapelica gallery, page 225]

EIGHTS Magazine Issue No.1
2013, Portland, Oregon (USA)
EIGHTS is a publication and an exhibition space for readings and writings by artists and writers. Concrete poems share space with conceptual writing, visual readings, and text works and writings by artists. Featured artists in the 1st edition include: David Abel, Abra Ancliffe, Derek Beaulieu, Clark Coolidge, Shannon Ebner, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Aaron Flint Jamison, Tim Johnson, Sydney S. Kim, Alison Knowles, Bernadette Mayer, McIntyre Parker, Katarina Petrović, Chris Piuma, Cia Rinne, Diter Rot.
[Preview of the ongoing work att Lexicon Liber Novus]